ğŸŽ“ IOSH Managing Safely Online

The IOSH Managing Safely Online course will give all supervisors, managers and leaders the understanding of risks and hazards in the workplace.


•E-Learning & Virtual Classroom Training
•No need to take 4 days off work
•Immediate Start - Fast Certification

Why choose an IOSH Online Course?

•Study for the official IOSH certificate.
•Greater flexibility and cost efficiency than classroom training.
•100% Online including exam, fully supported by IOSH approved trainers.
•Immediate start, study anywhere & anytime.
•Our candidates have a 100% success rate!
•Free exam re-sits with additional tutor support.

Who should take IOSH Managing Safely Online?

The course is aimed at Managers, Supervisors, Leaders & anyone who is directly responsible for managing or leading others. All the learning needed is included in this course, which takes you through a variety of modules culminating in the final exam and Risk Assessment Project. By the end of the course, you will be able to make an immediate impact in your workplace.

The Modules

•Introducing IOSH Managing Safely -
The first module makes it clear that managers are accountable for the employees under their control, and makes a persuasive case for managing safely.

•Assessing risks -
Explanation of the terms ‘risk’ and ‘risk assessment’. Delegates learn how to complete a basic risk assessment using the risk assessment process.

•Controlling risks -
We look at the hierarchy of control and concentrate on the best techniques to control key risks. Delegates soon understand to look at first eliminating risk, whereas PPE is the last resort.

•Understanding your responsibilities -
We review the legal system and health and safety law and enforcement. Then introduce the importance of having a health and safety management system.

•Identifying hazards -
We explain all the common hazards that managers may face. Both those that are well known, but also the less obvious but important hazards.

•Investigating accidents and incidents -
The importance of why accidents should be investigated is explained. The process of good accident investigation is described so that root causes can be identified.

•Measuring performance -
This module explains how checking performance can help to improve health and safety. Delegates learn how to develop basic performance indicators. Auditing and proactive and reactive measuring are also shown.


The certificate you will receive at the end of the course is the official IOSH Managing Safely certificate printed by IOSH. It is the same certificate you would receive after completing a face to face course.

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